Multiple CSS files using TailwindCSS gem

Hi everybody, I think everybody who works with a ‘tailwindcss-rails’ gem had a problem with just one file, so I have a solution for this, just add my gem to your project, create a folder “app/assets/tailwindcss_stylesheets” with your .css files inside and just start a server using ‘bin/dev’ or ‘rake tailwindcss:watch’ no more, it’s a simple solution.

Hi, unfortunately it’s not working in my project, I don’t know what it could be. I created an issue in github. Thanks for your help!

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thanks, you can check your issue, I think it had been resolved

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I just need cssbundling for manage tailwind

But you can also manage tailwindcss without NodeJS, if you not need other things, that NodeJS way can provide you