Multiple Before Filters

I've added two before filters in one of my controllers like so:

before_filter :filter_one
before_filter :filter_two

The first filter (:filter_one) always fires, but the second filter
(:filter_two) never does. Anyone know how to make both filters always



That works fine for me, though I would probably just put both on the
same line, e.g.
  before_filter :filter_one, :filter_two

Chances are your second filter is failing somehow; adding logging
statements might help track it down.

what version of rails are you using? on 3.1.3 all three of these fire fine for me in my application controller...

  before_filter :must_login
  before_filter :must_be_member
  before_filter :must_be_admin


Could it be that your first filter is preventing the request from reaching your second filter?