Moving to ROR 2.0.2

Looking for any gotchas:

Currently running ROR 1.2.3 want to move to 2.0.2. I see the
recommendation to move to 1.2.6 fix the deprecations and then to 2.0.2,
which I plan to do.

I am currently running lightty with SCGI (zed shaw's version 1.7) on
both win and UNIX platforms without issue.

I have looked at the new features and can iron all that out:
- pagination as plug
- adapters as plugs depending
- etc

Are there any big show stoppers for the configuration I describe, beyond
the gem changes etc? I cannot afford to be dead in the water at this
point, so if the transition is ugly, I'd rather wait until it fits in my

Anyone make the transition with similar dependencies? Just looking for
someone to pat me on the head and say everything will be ok.

many thanks,

Should just be fine. I just had to grab the plugins for the things I used that had been removed from core. If you are using 3rd party plugins you might want to check them, while the api didn't change much in a breaking way for 2.0, the internals did change which some plugins rely upon.