Moving Rails apps from Windows to Linux

I had the exact same problem. After a bit of research I found that the
dispatch file hashbangs (in all three dispatch.* files) were incorrect
- they were pointing at my Windown install of Ruby!

1: If you create Rails projects on a Windows machine, you'll have to
copy the hashbangs over from another project. You can copy the whole
files if you like.
2: You'll have to set them as 'execute' as well as 'read/write' chmod
750 IIRC
3: If you create your Rails project on the deployment machine, you
should be OK. Subversion my easily screw up the perms though.

Hope that's it! :slight_smile:

What are the advantages of Litespeed? I'm on Apache and Mongrels...

Ah. For a price.

I may look into this when the money starts rolling in...

Will Croff wrote:

I’d try 3 things:

does it work?

what does it say?

script/server webrick
does it work?


Litespeed logs?
Rails logs?

The log directory may give you some clues. Anything interesting in

Did you do the CHMOD?

Also, the video showing Litespeed install says that the dispatch files
no longer need to be copied after a certain version. Have you got old
code, needing a dispatch file copy?