Morons in our midst (re: "important news")

Hi, all. I'm not a frequent contributor -- I'm just ramping up on Rails. But I've been on the 'Net for quite some time. And back in the days of yore, on Usenet, we had moderated lists. In much the same vein, I suggest we stop allowing anonymous submissions to the online forum (which I *believe* is currently the default). It may go marginally against the spirit of openness, but it *would* stop (or at least vastly reduce) the ability of idiots like the one currently spamming the list from doing just that.



+1 I think it’s not important news if Rails is gay or not

+1 , if he has got real intentions to irritate us, he will be in vain.

The first post to the this list by a user has to be approved. However all posts that come from ruby-forum look to google groups like they are coming from the same user, which was approved many years ago. Ruby-forum used to allow anonymous posting, although it would seem they require you to create an account these days. I’m not sure what can be done from the google groups side of things. It does amaze me how terrible the google groups spam filter is though (messages that appear to be spam are also queued for moderation,but this happens extremely infrequently)