Month view

Hey guys need some help, I have a model like this:   t.integer :company_id   t.string :truck   t.string :trailer   t.string :driver   t.string :from :load_on   t.decimal :price

and I want to be able to see the trips in a month view like on this website: TV Calendar September 2022 - Prime Time TV Schedule & TV Episode Calendar: Track your favourite TV shows

I have no idea how to do it, any help would be greatly appreciated.

See: You probably want to use tables.

HTH,   Stefan

It's not about the views it's the controller I added something like this: [code]start_of_month = #create a DateTime object that is at the beginning of the month you are displaying     end_of_month = 31/03/2008 #create a DateTime object that is at the end of the month you are displaying     @trips = Trip.find(:all, :conditions => ["load_on BETWEEN ? AND ?", start_of_month, end_of_month] @trip_days = @trips.group_by { |m| }[/code]

and then in the view [code] @trip_days.sort.each do |day, trips|        day        for trip in trips          trip.truck        end [/code] but this doesn't really work, and I want it to automatically show the current month.

What does not work? Do you get an exception? No data on the page?

Assuming your view is rhtml, it should look more like:

    <html>        more markup blah, blah, blah        <% @trip_days.sort.each do |day, trips| %>          <%= day %>          <% for trip in trips %>            <%= trip.truck %>          <% end %>        <% end %>        more markup     </html>