mongrel service/win32 problems

i am working on my first ruby on rails app and it's basically ready
for some serious testing. i've been using command-line mongrel as my
webserver for awhile, but as we need a slightly more permanent
version, i wanted to try out the win32 service version. after
installing all the most recent versions of the required gems (win32
flavour), a 'mongrel_rails help' results in:
Available commands are:
- restart
- start
- stop
- service::install
- service::remove
so yeah, it seems like service::start, stop and restart are all
missing. i can't call them. i can add and remove my app service a
bunch of times, but whenver i try to call start it claims that
Plugin /service::start does not exist in category /commands
has anyone else experienced anything like this? am i just doing it
wrong? any help would be much appreciated.