Mongrel: ERROR RUNNING 'service::install'


I'm trying to start a Mongrel (1.1.3) Server, running as a Windows Service, via

mongrel_rails service::install -N FDS_Server_4001 -p 4001 -e production

But I get the following error message :

ERROR RUNNING 'service::install': Plugin /service::install does not exist in category /commands

I never had this problem before (Win XP, Vista), until I tried installing on a Win 2003 Server ; I don't know if it's related...

Does anyone know what causes this? A search in Google for this error message yields nothing...



Thanks to Luis Lavena, I upgraded mongrel_service to 0.3.4 and win32- service to 0.5.2 (although the current version is 0.6.1 but incompatible...), and that solved my problem.