Mongrel missing


I'm trying to deploy my application, but running into a problem. I've
deployed it before and saw that there were files in the ./script
directory that do not exist anymore. Such files are mongrel and

I was wondering how these files get generated. Do they get installed
when I install the gem? I've tried to do 'gem install mongrel' on my
client/local box, but the files do not end up in the script


Mike -

script/server will use mongrel if it's installed and webrick if not

so installing the gem is all you need to do


Interesting... My org has a capfile that I used. After checking it
out, it looks like it actually writes a 'mongrel' file in the script
directory. The strange thing is that sometimes it does and sometimes
it doesn't. So, I think I've narrowed it down a little bit. But
nonetheless, it's good to know what the directory does.