mongo_translatable gem, a Ruby on Rails engine for MongoDB backed model translations, is out

Hi everyone,

We've been using this for awhile as a part of a feature in Kete (an
open source Rails app, for a content translation
add-on for awhile now. Thought it was about time to share.

From the README:

Rails specific I18n model localization meant to tie-in to existing
ActiveRecord models, ala Globalize2, backed by MongoDB rather than an
RDBMS. May include UI elements, too.

Gah. Sent before finishing the email!

That's almost everything you need to know, except how to get it:

gem install mongo_translatable # install mongodb and mongo_mapper first

Project information can be found on github:

Thanks to Te Reo o Taranaki, the Chinese Association of New Zealand
Auckland Branch, and Auckland City Libraries for funding the work.

Walter McGinnis
Kete Project Lead
Katipo Communications, Ltd. (