Mongoid forums - could use some advice/help

Hello everyone, I’ve put together a kind of forem but for mongoid. Rather than converting the files from radar/forem to mongoid, this is a fresh-start attempt.

It’s coming along nicely, but I could use some help revamping the ranks and authorization system. I was thinking moving to CanCanCan but I really need some help here.

It’s hard to get a project like this done alone, and so I’m asking anyone who’s interested to please PR it and help out! It would be very appreciated.

The benefits of this project would be: Rails 4, latest mongoid, and also it’s not a bunch of hacky fixes to radar/forem. It does have downsides though, such as needing to implement many features to make it as good as forem.

Some things left to do are moderation, mass moderation, gravatars, better admin panels, moderator groups, etc.

Please check it out or let people who are probably interested in helping know.

Thanks, NJayDevelopment.