Model relationships

Hi! The next question:

I have 2 tables:
1) persons - where some people info places (e.g. name, second name,
birth date et.c.)
2) persons_relationships - here app would write relationships between
persons. Here is structure:
id>from>to>type, where from is the one person id, to - second person id,
type is kind of relations between them (friend-friend, parent-child,
husband-wife et.c.)

So, when I prefer to find all person relationships
(@person.relationships) - in model I can create query only with :from or
only :to fields. Eg.: if I create association with :from
field, but in record in relationships table client id would place in :to
field, then this record will be removed from @person.relationships. How
I can prevent this error?


Supply the associations you have set in your model files and then supply
the query you are using or having trouble with.

I don't understand exactly what you are saying, but note that if you
have a model Person then the table should be called people not
persons, assuming you have not changed the default pluralization.