Updated to After update was done, all Rails commands (db:migrate, console, server, etc.) fail with:

cannot load such file -- mimemagic/overlay (LoadError)

I was already on so this should have been a really simple version bump. Anyone else running into this? Happening on my local host as well as my CI (Circle).

Ugh. Glossed right over the gem causing the issue in the stack trace. CarrierWave 2.2.0 is what caused my issue. Specifically carrierwave/sanitized_file.

Looking at the mimemagic/overlay file (mimemagic/overlay.rb at 0.3 · mimemagicrb/mimemagic · GitHub), it’s not important to me. So I was able to fork CarrierWave and remove that require. YMMV.

Indeed, if your project uses CarrierWave, it still has mimemagic in Gemfile.lock because of a direct dependency.

They have removed the dependency in the master branch, but needs to be released.