migration with mysql reserved word

I have a column name called 'order' in two of my db tables. I have just realized that it is causing some problems since 'order' is a reserved word in mysql. Unfortunately, trying to run a migration that includes...

rename_column :images_piles, :order, :sequence

...results in a mysql error (see below). Is there anyway way to run a successful migration that forces mysql to treat 'order' as a column name?

== ChangeOrderToSequence: migrating

i've hit this problem before when i had a column named 'group' in my table. i looked into the behavior because i noticed that rails, specifically ActiveRecord, does add backticks some of the time, but not all the time.

i even went in and forced it to use the reserved word by creating the table manually from the cl and even though that worked, when i attempted to add a new record, it blew up because AR wasn't adding backticks on the insert.

in the end, it was just easier to change the column name.