Migration from ros-apartment to acts_as_tenant

Hi all,

has anyone migrated from the ros-apartment gem which performs multi-tenancy via a schema-per-customer model to acts_as_tenant which allows row-level multi-tenancy single a single database & schema?

It looks on the surface like a drop-in replacement but would appreciate any real-world experiences folks might have.

Thanks, Philip.

Why do you think it’s a drop in replacement? You’ll need to merge all your customer schema’s into one schema, fixing all overlapping primary keys and adding a customer_id column to your table. I’m in the process of such a migration (although I don’t use these gems, but the techniques are the same) and it’s a huge project.

I should have clarified. I meant drop-in from the code side. Data will need to be migrated.

Just wondering are there compatibility issues purely from the code side that aren’t obvious from the surface assuming you migrate all the data over correctly.

Ah, I understand. Can’t help you with that, I haven’t used ros-apartment. I do know from experience ActsAsTenant is fairly complete and reliable.

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Good endorsement regardless! :sunglasses: