Migration error: uninitialized constant ActiveRecord

Greeting I'm passing my app to a production environment. All run okey but when I try to create my start up migration this error appears:

rake aborted! uninitialized constant ActiveRecord

And nothing happends. Anyone knows how to solve it?

rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production ?? just guessing fast.

Juan pablo Gómez wrote:

MMMmm, nothing change the problem persists

I advice you to install SVN and Capistrano, because Capistrano will be helpful and enjoyable to do migration in your production server. I never have problem in migration using capistrano. You do nothing, if you run migration in your production server for your /home/username/app/project_name.

Thank you, I will request capistrano to my hosting provider.

Adittional information about my migration

#File 001_start_up.rb class StartUp < ActiveRecord::Migration


Anyone knows whats going on?

I got Error!!!

rake aborted! undefined method `last' for {}:Hash


Is that you complete migration ?

Juan pablo Gómez wrote:

Juan, how did you install Rails?

I've solved the problem.

In /lib/tasks directory I had aditionals rakes, and in these rake I include the sentence

require 'active_record'