Messaging system

Hey All,
I'm trying to put a messaging system together using this

All working fine but I'd like to be to thread the replies.

At the moment, a message goes out, someone replies to it and the
original is simply included in the reply. I'd like to be able to thread
the replies using acts_as_tree or something but I can't get my head
round where to start... I had a long week end thinking about it and no
luck... anyone to help?

My code so far is the nearly the same as the one in the tutorial but I
have acts as tree in the message_copy model, I just don't know where I'm
suppose to deal with the parent_id thingy...

Please help :frowning:


You might want to look into the BetterNestedSet plugin:

I'll give that a go, than kyou for your reply :slight_smile:

Matt Darby wrote: