acts_as_nested_set usable?

Hi Robert,

I read the same thing while I was in the middle of doing an
acts_as_nested_set forum implementation myself, and it did give me
pause. But, since I was already going down that path rather than using
acts_as_threaded, I decided to press on. I was able to successfuly use
acts_as_nested_set for my threaded forum app, which I started yesterday
and more-or-less finished today. I am happy to say that all of my
tests run, and it seems to be performing well. My particular forum has
multiple roots as well as multiple forums, and so far, I have not seen
any problems.

The directions I followed were from Bob Silva's site, and
here is the link:

Bob is the author of acts_as_threaded as well.

Hope this helps!


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