Menu and Sitemap Component for RoR

If you mean "Component" as in a Rails feature, it's my understanding that Components are deprecated and will be removed soon.

If you mean "component" in the generic sense, I've seen most Menus done primarily thru CSS; easiest way to find out is to go look at some code. There are lots of free CSS/XHTML templates out there that are nicely done. Do a google search; or go look at I'm not pushing their site; it's just that I got one of their free templates and I am quite happy with it.


I think he's interested in more of a tree structure that could be used to generate breadcrumbs, site maps, site menus automatically etc. Something that would setup an entire site in such a way that you could traverse the tree to find parents, children etc.

I'm interested in this as well.

If there is not already a solution it seems like you could put something together with acts_as_tree.


More info on acts_as_tree here: