Memcached Server - Memory Consumption

Ronald Ossen wrote:

I was just testing the memcache server on a Windows box and had set it
up as a Windows Service and to my surprise (or my shock really) it was
using 47+ meg of ram with no data even loaded in it yet. Has anyone
else used the Windows port of memcached for their Rails projects and if
so how much ram was it using?

Does memcached use less memory on Mac OS X or Linux than Windows?

I've always wondered why a person needed to even use the memcache when
you can use Ruby's GServer, Rinda, Sockets, etc. to craft your own
"state server". Fire it up as a background task and let it go. If you
had a UDP server you could simply send data to it via:"Some ata", 0, 'localhost', 5000)

People like to avoid Not Invented Here.

How much something like this scales? I dunno, but it would use a lot
less ram than memcached.

It would use more memory than memcached and not scale as well as memcached.

memcached typically stores Marshalled Strings instead of unpacked objects (so you've got no struct RValue overhead).

memcached written in C and uses libevent so will be more efficient at socket operations than Ruby which uses select.