Memcached Server - Memory Consumption

Davis Princeton wrote the following on 17.10.2006 20:20 :

Ronald Ossen wrote:

I was just testing the memcache server on a Windows box and had set it
up as a Windows Service and to my surprise (or my shock really) it was
using 47+ meg of ram with no data even loaded in it yet. Has anyone
else used the Windows port of memcached for their Rails projects and if
so how much ram was it using?

Does memcached use less memory on Mac OS X or Linux than Windows?
I've always wondered why a person needed to even use the memcache when
you can use Ruby's GServer, Rinda, Sockets, etc. to craft your own
"state server".

I don't think they target the same needs. Memcached is designed to
address the needs for a fault-tolerant cache scalable accross multiple
systems, nothing more nothing less.

You should only store volatile or easy to retrieve data in it.
Memcached use less memory than even a bare-bone ruby interpreter and
stores data more efficiently than ruby itself. Maybe the Windows port is
staticaly compiled with a bunch of library to make it easier to port
from Unix.

At startup time memcached takes 4492kB on my Linux system. I have no
idea for OSX.
For a point of reference irb session starts as 5576 kB (without any
module loaded)...