May have to use Cake PHP...

I am normally a rails dev, but I have a project coming up where I think I am going to be restricted to php. Does anyone know of some sort of “Cake PHP for Rails devs” tutorial? I would like to read a book first, but this may be the only project I use cakephp for, so I would rather not spend a bunch learning it.

Thanks in advance.

In my limited experience, Cake tries to be as Rails-like as possible
given the limitations of php. My suggestion would be to try to do
things the Rails way, and see how far you get. You will need to know
the syntactic differences between Ruby and php, for that you might try
reverse-reading the Rails for PHP developers page in the Rails wiki.


Hi, you might want to post this question in the CakePHP forum. There
should be a link on their main site.

Good look,