Ruby on Rails and CakePHP Comparison

diyana wrote:

i have questions regarding to the two frameworks..for your information, i'd assigned to develop e-portfolio system within 6 month..and i have to decide either Ruby-on-rails or cakephp...i never use ruby b4 and i don't know how ruby works..i try to install ruby..but i can't install gem..seems my computer didn't reconize it relevant for me to use ROR or just use cakephp?is it possible to learn ruby in short time?

6 months is an eternity. No need to buy books right away.

First invest some time in Ruby. Here are some Nuby gaps filled in:

Gap 0) Interpreter environment. Install Ruby. Run fxri (Instant Ruby Enlightenment docs+IRB). Install RDE (F5 eval, syntax highlight, save files). Start with texts Poignant Guide and Learning Ruby (next to the doc bundle).

Gap 1) ...uh this post is taking too long

Classes are mixins. You can add a method to say, File class. See Kernel method for y method (yaml.rb). Why Ruby? That's cumulative effect. File class is documented in the UPPER MIDDLE scrolling list of the standard web docs. You get access to functions by using "require" effectively.

Ah yes, found my list, saved the best Nuby Gap for last:

There are 5 Var_dump()s in Ruby:

p pp y to_yaml inspect

HTH, -r