mashup question

I have a question regarding mashup development. I am currently developing a google mashup application and am wondering how to test its functionality. I am not sure if I can communicate with the google calendar and actually input information into the calendar while in development mode. Does anyone know how to do this? Do I actually need to launch the site in order to test the integrative functionality. Thanks, Dave

Don't know, if that's some help to you. I developed a site with payment functionality once. The payment stuff was done with some simple interface which returned html. For development we used the test server of the payment provider, but didn't want to do this for the tests.

Since we're using rspec for testing, it was quite easy to fake this:

Basket.stub! (:new_payment_cluster).with(baskets(:thorsten_payment)).and_return(open(File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/../fixtures/tdps_response/new_payment_cluster_success.xml").read)

This line stubs the new_payment_cluster of the basket model (our shopping cart) Instead of retrieving the xml response from the server and handing it back to the calling function it'll now use a local xml file.

Another use case:

['paid', 'closed_success'].each do |partial_payment_state|   response_xml = + "/../fixtures/ tdps_response/new_partial_payment.erb.xml").read).result(binding)   Basket.stub! (:start_partial_payment).with(baskets(:thorsten_payment)).and_return(response_xml)

This takes a xml erb file and replaces parts of it with erb. So I was able to use a single xml file to fake several possible responses and test against the start_partial_payment method to see if the system works with those response types (which could be a success or some error codes.

So the general idea for rspec is to stub all the methods that communicate with the outer world and use some local fixture data as response. Not necessarily a xml file as used here, this could be simple strings or some other methods you provide