Making rails application encrypted

Hi All,          I have a query, I want to encrypt my rails application, such that no one can see the code of that, like exe in asp and compiled jsp in java.

It's very urgent do you have any-any way to do so.

Regards, Pavan

No, ruby is interpreted and not compiled to exe or class files.

Who are you trying to protect your code from?

Pavan Agrawal wrote:

It may be posible to use jRuby to deploy your Rails Project inside a .jar.

what about here?

Nope. It’s just a tarball. You can still see the source, as when you run the .exe it just unpacks the whole app to the temp folder.

As said above, there’s no way to do this yet. Ruby is an interpreted language. THe program is the code. This is why so many Rails apps are hosted “software as a service” applications. However, if you trust people, and charge a nominal fee, you can make money off of code. The nice folks at ActiveReload sell their Warehouse program for $30.