Code Protection

As of now I don’t believe there are any ways to obfuscate or compile Rails applications. This is why most people host the applications instead of installing to client sites.

This has been discussed before… I suggest searching the archives for some really good discussions about this topic.


Here is one method of compiling Ruby.
I haven’t used it and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has:



I've used this several times; it's a great way of packaging a
Windows-based Ruby app into a single EXE file. I've used this
capability as a selling point for getting Ruby into various places
that I've worked.

However, it's not appropriate for "hiding" source code - anyone with
an editor can open the EXE file and find the source without


Dave M.

And even without an editor! From the obfuscation point of view, it
works just like a zip file...

- H

Has this been tried to see if it "speeds up" a Rails app (specially on


David Mitchell wrote:

No it will not "speed up" rails app. ruby2exe doesn't create native
byte code, it merely compresses the files and copies ruby and other
required lib in one package.