make accessible object..

Hi, I've created a form and when I click "Place Order" button, I'm taken
to the checkout details page with all the details about the customer and
the bookings and then there is a "Confirm" button, on clicking which all
the details will be saved in the database tables. But a silly problem
(ended up being huge for me), heres what I've done:

<%form_for :customer, :url => {:action => :checkout_details} do |form|%>
<%=submit_tag "Place Order"%>

def checkout_details
@customer =[:customer])

Until now I could get the object of the Customer and hence all the
inputs from the user but this checkout_details.rhtml doesn't save
anything it just displays all the customer details and booking details
and a "Confirm" button on clicking which "save_details" action will be
called which saves all the details. So, how can I pass this @customer
object to this save_details action? Sorry, if it is silly, but big
enough for me to get stuck.

I do recommend you buy a book on Rails. It is worth the