How to maintain an object between pages?

Hi. I'm a newbie on Ruby on Rails (this is my first post).

I want to write a form where users can create or edit a claim. One of
the fields is a company. Since there is an internal code for each
registered company, I want the users to search by company name.

On the form, I plan to add a link called "Search Company". This link
will take the user to another form to find a company by name, and the
matching ones will be displayed as links. If the user click on any of
the links, the claim form page will be redisplayed with the selected
company and the rest of the data the user has entered. Right now, I
have a table called claims and a model that matches it.

In Java Servlet Faces, I use <t:saveState value="#{form}"
id="formSaved"></t:saveState> to pass the objects to the next page,
but I'm not sure how to do it on Rails. Any help?