Mailer Preview Pull request submitted

Hi All,

I found my way to this mailing list from the “4.16 Get some Feedback” and hope that I can get some traction on a bug fix I’ve contributed to the rails code base for a minor bug in working with the Action Mailer preview functionality.

Here is the current issue which was issued on February 26, 2015, along with tests, and code that fixes the bug. (The URLs that are generated for mailer preview links are hard-coded to the root “/” instead of using the full path to the application, making the links on action mailer preview pages semi useless). I rebased the code today to make sure that it can be easily merged as well.

I interacted mostly with pixeltrix, but I’m not getting more feedback on why the bug fix isn’t being scheduled for a release.

I’ve also documented the issue here:

I initially created a patch for this on April 9, 2014 around the time 4.1 was coming out with the new feature, but this has been long outdated, and also had some good feedback from guilleiguaran and rafaelfranca.

I don’t want to needlessly ping those working on the rails core team, but I would like to see the patch be applied in future versions of rails, as it’s a minor nuisance to jump between email previews when working on styling for those, and it’s frankly been over a year since it could have been fixed.

Has anyone else had trouble getting small fixes merged into rails code base?

Thanks, and help is appreciated!