Looking for best tutorial for someone brand new to this type of programming

I’ve had years and years of experience with programming, but it’s all been with the old Excel macro language. I can make it do back-flips, but I’ve never had a need to learn any of the more modern languages.

I now have a great reason to learn Ruby on Rails, and would like to find a tutorial. I’m hoping I can pick it up without too much trouble, since I’m technical and know programming well (just not this type).

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your input!

railstutorial.org is good and is free to use online.


If you're coming from VBA you'll probably need to brush up on your
Object Oriented Programming as well.

No, I’m actually not coming from VBA. I’ve been using the original Excel macro language that’s even older.
But since it is not object-oriented, I need to wrap my head around that as well.

Thanks to you both for the ideas. Any others out there?

There are others around, but railstutorial.org is pretty much the
standard. It's kept up to date pretty well, and teaches you a good
bit more than enough Ruby to do Rails stuff, plus good habits like
testing. It being *free* on the web is icing on the cake.

I've never heard it evaluated from the POV of someone who didn't know
*any* general-purpose programming language before, though, so who
knows. Let us know how it goes.