Looking for a technical (Rails) cofounder

Hey, it’s Robbie :wave: I’m looking for a technical (Rails) cofounder to build an AI-powered debating and constructive learning app for higher education and colleges.

This would be a sweat equity position using a dynamic equity model until we raise seed funding.

Code name at time of writing: LogicHub

Tagline: Elevating Debate

Here’s the mission and vision. DM me for access to the full product / market fit narrative including problems to solve, value propositions, target audience, competitive advantage etc. if you’re interested.

In today’s world, conversations have become increasingly polarised, leaving little room for compromise or common ground. Opposing viewpoints are often met with distrust, and discussions lack the structure necessary for productive dialogue. The root cause of this breakdown in civil discourse lies in the widespread use of logical fallacies and cognitive biases - errors in reasoning that can lead to false conclusions - and insufficiently validated counter arguments to silence opposing views.

This troubling trend has had far-reaching negative consequences for society, leading to a deep mistrust of individuals with differing beliefs and promoting a culture of division rather than unity. Logical fallacies can take many forms, such as ad hominem attacks, false dichotomies, and strawman arguments, and can be used intentionally or unintentionally to deflect uncomfortable topics and silence debate.

To combat this trend, we must prioritise fair and honest discussions that treat information with respect, regardless of its origin. By identifying and avoiding logical fallacies and promoting structured debate formats, we can begin to restore civility to our conversations and bridge the gap between conflicting beliefs. It is only through open and respectful dialogue that we can begin to rebuild the foundations of constructive discourse and move towards a more unified society.

How its going @RetroSun ?

Let me know if you need A Mid RoR developer on your team. Your mission is quit interesting, and one could work for it…