Looking for a mentor


I am a developer looking a mentor that can help me only looking for a open issue to be worked.

there are 423 open issues, but is I really don’t know which one need to be worked, I want to contribute to the rails project; so first I will like to get some easy fix to create my first PR. This is temporary until I get use to it. So I can get sense on which issue I can fix and it is nobody working on.

Thanks, Victor

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Hi Victor,

My first PR’s were mostly typo fixes in the documentation. There’s still plenty of those I think.

It’s probably easier to fix issues in the newer frameworks (ActionText, ActiveStorage), as these are smaller and less complex than for example ActiveRecord.

There is a “good first issue” tag but there’s currently only a 6 year old issue tagged :slightly_frowning_face:

What I sometimes do is look at the issues with the least comments. I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue, try to find similar issues, maybe look at the git history. Then I’ll add a comment with any interesting findings in the issue. Maybe I won’t find a fix, but it could help another contributor.

Another thing you can do is look at the PR’s that get merged. What does the change look like, what does the commit message look like, what changes were requested. This helps in getting a feel for improving your own PR’s, what coding standards are used and what else is required for a successful PR.

I’d also recommend looking at the “Contributing to Rails” guide, which has some great tips: