Looking for 4 individual who want to be mentored going through Rails Tutorial

I'm currently a junior developer working on my side project called pair
studying. The idea came when I was studying alone following Michael
Hartl's tutorial. The rails tutorial was amazing, it gave me so many
great insights and a good view of what Rails is and what it can do.
However, I struggled hard!!! My code would break and I couldn't do
anything about it :frowning: I either had to start over or ignore the problem
and keep going on. This happened frequently and I was not happy. The
problem was that if I had someone to look over my code, they probably
would have spotted my error or at least help me fix it. I found that one
of the more common reasons my program would break was due to spelling
With pair studying I hope to knit together an online community to help
each other learn. I admit there are kinks that I have yet to be fixed.
It is far from finished, but I wanted to share it with the community so
that I may get feedback and learn from you and hopefully it may benefit
your studying. There are many other features and UI designs I want to

I learned so much from my helpful mentors and I want to give back. I'm
looking for 4 individuals who want to go through Rails Tutorial with me.
We will be covering 1 to 2 chapter each week, haven't fully decided the
pace yet. The course will cost $25 that will be donated to Railsbridge,
check them out if you haven't heard about them! I'm not charging to make
money, nor do I think I'm that good to be charging money. You're paying
as a way of making a commitment. I'm hoping to get serious students who
really want to learn and will follow through by putting the time and
effort needed to become a developer.

The process will entail students going through each chapter on their
own. When they get stuck on a problem, they can share the problem on the
site or possibly reach me through skype, haven't fully decided on
either. Students will be learning by helping and teaching each other
solve problems. I will be there to answer questions, but really hope
that the interaction amongst students will be enough to solve problems.
I plan to be heavily involved in the beginning of the phase and become
less and less present as a gradually releasing them into the wild. I
will be spending around 2 hours each week helping with questions and
just talking about the process. If you're interested feel free to tweet
me or visit my site and contact me through the form, and if you're on
reddit just pm me. Also I'm requiring my students to post at least 1 to
TodayILearned on my site. At work we have daily standups. In short, it
is to share what you have done, learned, or stuck on. I want everyone to
share what they have learned so that others can benefit from your

I'm only hitting the surface with programming and I'm very excited to
have made this! Makes me proud. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share
or leave me comments and I'll answer them promptly.

Currently, I have 1 person enrolled looking to fill the other 3 slots.


I’m interested. I signed up on your site. Let me know how you’d like to do the whole donation thing and when we’re getting started. I’m on chapter 7 now and haven’t really run into any issues so far, but it can’t hurt to go through it all again. Good idea here, thanks.