Looking for ruby on rails mentors

I'm looking for expert developers who would like to earn some money and
spend a few hours working from home mentoring other developers in Rails.
It would be paid work, for fun on the side.

This is done via a website I'm launching where developers can mentor
other developers in Ruby on Rails via a screenshare. This the site that
I wish I had when I was learning Rails myself -- access to senior
developers to help me when I needed help, to keep me productive.

Mentoring is for short periods of time (15 minutes to a few hours) and
includes pair programming, architecture reviews, code reviews, training,
and debugging/bugfixing.

Also would love any referrals for others you might recommend who would
be quality mentors for this.

Please feel free to email me at edward.w.roman@gmail.com with any
questions or inquiries!