Logging all exceptions

Hey everyody,

what is the best way to log _all_ exceptions that are thrown in my
Rails application into a database table? I need some kind of hook in
the Rails exception methods?!

I already tried the Exception Logger plugin but that is not what I

I just want to log _all_ exceptions into a database table without
needing to call own methods everywhere I expect an exception.

Thank you!

Maybe you could use callbacks?


You might consider using Exceptional for this.

* http://getexceptional.com/

Save yourself the extra work...


Thank you, Robby. The problem is that I want to build the database
exception logging into the Rails web interface of a free software
project. (www.scopeport.org)
I don't want to force users to subscribe to another service if they
want help. (But Exceptional looks very cool. I might consider using it
for other projects)

I will take a look at the callback thing. Thank you pepe.

So long