Hook Exist in Rails for System-Wide Exception Logging?

On our production servers, I'd like all exceptions to be automatically
logged to the database.

In other C# project I wrote that meant putting a try/catch in every
entry point method with the catch calling a generic routine which did
the INSERT into exceptions... SQL statement.

How do I do this in rails? It would be nice if in application.rb or
even in each controller you could do:

exception_logger :my_exception_logger

Perhaps this could be implemented using filters? Hopefully rails
already has this exact functionality built-in as I'd imagine everyone
would need it?


Rails Exception Notifier will give you what you need. If you want, you
can hook into it a write to the DB, but you will find that the email
notification is plenty.


http://getexceptional.com is pretty good for that kind of thing too.