lock the sign in account when login failed more than 5 times

Hi all
i have two table,member and failed_times,the member table is designed by
customer which i cant modify anything, but the failed_times is created
by myself.the columns in the failed_times are id,mbr_id,times, now i can
calculate the login failed times and save it into failed_times table,
but i am not sure how to lock the sign in account that user can not try
to login again.
Any good idea?

In the login code just test the count and prevent login if necessary.


Colin Law wrote in post #1039527:

Presumably you have some code somewhere that handles the login. In
that code test your count.


If you are just trying to restrict or prevent login after five times
of failure its really no need to create a database for it. but use
cookies and put some values in it and set the time when it will
expire. after that a if statement that will redirect the user into
other page or just use a disable attribute of a form.

but since you use table for it. maybe to make sure that even if the
client clear its cache the user cant login again.

you said you already have the times of failure then just put a if
statement for it.