Localizing attributes when using I18n

Currently I'm developing a multilingual app on rails 2.2. I liked very much the idea of Xavier Defrang to provide a locale-aware accessor for the fields that needs a translation: http://defrang.com/articles/2005/12/02/playing-with-rails-i18n

I modified code a little to make it work with rails 2.2:

  def self.localize(*attribute_names)     attribute_names.each do |attribute_name|       class_eval %{         def _#{attribute_name}             localized_method = "#{attribute_name}_\# {I18n.locale.to_s}"             return send(localized_method.to_sym) if respond_to? (localized_method)           #{attribute_name}         end       }     end   end

it works fine for :show, :index, :new. But when I'm trying to create or update, I get the following error:

    ActiveRecord::UnknownAttributeError in NewsitemsController#create

    unknown attribute: _body

What's wrong? Please, help.

Problem solved by using plugin: http://github.com/iain/translatable_columns/tree/master