Rails 2.0 localization


we're starting a new development and currently studying which
localization plugin or gem to use.
The requirements are the following:

* REST support
* Translations of views, but also validation errors and if possible
* Support for regionalization numbers, dates, currencies based on the
current locale setting (this is very important, since otherwise it can
be quite a pain to parse all these different formats)

I've been looking at:
* Globalize: seems a bit outdated. The web claims Rails 1.2 support,
but i've read there is a patch for the head revision to make it work
under Rails 2.0.2. I also don't like much the way of translating
strings rather than IDs, because sometimes the same word can have one
meaning in the original language and different meanings in other
languages... Also i rather prefer file than DB storage...

* GetText

* Simple Localization: http://simple-localization.arkanis.de/
Has anyone had experience with this plugin? It seems to have all i

What is your experience? Any suggestions??


I'm using Ruby gettext, which provides localization for strings in
code, error messages and templates.

I'm running on Rails 2.0.2.