Localization problem in nested-attributes validation


I recently run into a problem with the new feature for activerecord: nested attributes. When the nested object (Activist) is invalid, the error messages are shown, but the object name is noch translated. (My project is in german) So I get int the error box:

"Bitte überprüfen Sie die folgenden Felder:

    * Activist surename muss ausgefüllt werden     * Activist city muss ausgefüllt werden"

In my appropriate localization file (de.yml) I defined the object/ attributes names correctly.

de:   activerecord:     models:       protest_mail: Protestmail       activist: Aktivistin     attributes:       protest_mail:         body: Inhalt       activist:         surename: Nachname         city: Stadt

The error messages for protest_mail are transalated correctly, so I guess, the problems applies to the new nested-attributes feature.

Any idea how to fix this?

best regards, benni