Local Machine vs Server

Hi all,
    Just new here. Just got problem with rails, The application runs
smoothly in the local machine but when I try to upload all the
necessary files,gems in the server. I try to run it by adding records
but it does not do anything. Just got stock here...
     Heres the code

   def create
    sleep 3
    @node = Node.new(params[:node])
    @node_type = NodeType.find(params[:node_type_id])
    @node.node_type_id = @node_type
    current_user.nodes << @node
     if @node.save
      flash[:notice] = 'Node was successfully created.'
      redirect_to node_path(@node)
      #redirect_to :controller => 'nodes'
       #redirect_to node_path(@node)
      #flash[:notice] = 'Add New.'
      render :controller => 'nodes',:action => 'new'

  this is the link when i add new records, nodes/new?node_type_id=3
and suppose to be it will return
  nodes/nodes_id when posted but it return with this nodes/?

  I didn't put any entries but weird it doesn't validate that don't
accept blank entry.

  Just wondering why doesn't work in the server. Any help be
appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You could try running yours locally in production mode to try and
recreate it, or try and 'copy' the environment from the server to your
local machine (and make sure you're using the same version of all the

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