Loading plugin rake tasks before #{RAILS_ROOT}/lib/tasks

I would like to be able to have the ability to access/modify rake
tasks provided by a plugin from within my application, in tasks
defined in #{RAILS_ROOT}/lib/tasks. Right now, the plugin .rake files
are loaded after those found in #{RAILS_ROOT}/lib/tasks, so the latter
can't access the former without an explicit rake_require, which seems
kind of odd.

If you've ever needed to overwrite a rake task provided by a plugin,
and didn't want to modify the original plugin source, please check
this patch out and +1 if it looks okay.


Isn’t it best if you actually link to the patch?

I would've guessed it was more common that plugins might overwrite one
of the default rake tasks, no?

Right, a link to the patch! Hah. Here it is:


Plugins would still be able to overwrite the Rails-provided rake
tasks. The patch just makes it so that the rake tasks you define
in .rake files in your application are able to overwrite those defined
by either Rails *or* plugins.