Rake tasks and generators from vendorized gems (aka gem-plugins)

When moving plugins over to gem-plugins or when creating new gem-
plugins a difficulty I found in embracing this new approach was not
being able to easily add generators and rake tasks that can be
available in a project's scope.
So I've proposed a patch on Lighthouse to handle this:

Generators are searched for in the gems "rails/generators" directory.
Rake tasks are searched for in the gems "rails/tasks" directory.

I also have this as a branch on github:

I'm seeking feedback: comments, +1's, discussion, whatever.


Count me in. Recently I submitted two patches in the same area:


Also looking for discussion and plus-ones.



Also see this related ticket on loading rake tasks for gems:


As I posted there, I would like to see gems behave the same way
whether they are frozen into the vendor directory or not. Having
specific rails/tasks and rails/generators directories which only get
loaded for vendored gems would require me to freeze a gem in order to
get the functionality. I would prefer the gem does not require this.

For generators, gems already have the rails_generators directory they
can use. For rake tasks, I would recommend the user adds a 'require'
statement to their Rakefile to include them.

Currently, I don't think the rails_generators directory is searched
for frozen gems, so that part of the patch I like.