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def get_results     if request.xhr?       if params['search_text'].strip.length > 0         terms = params['search_text'].split.collect do |word|           "%#{word.downcase}%"         end         @users = User.find(           :all,           :conditions => [             ( ["(LOWER(email) LIKE?)"] * terms.size ).join(" AND "),             * terms.flatten             ]         )       end       render :partial => "search"     else       redirect_to_index     end   end

I'm not sure how to make the algorithm more accurate. If I have this in my database: jolt two tww

and I search for: 't'

It brings both of them up because they have have a t in them.

How can I make sure it's search for the exact letters in sequence,


search: 't' => two => tww

search: 'two' => two


results: two