Searching - weird behavior with certain letters

I could be going about this all wrong but here goes.

I'm using a form to search my posts

The controller has:   def searchresults     search_term = params['search']     @posts_search = Post.find(:all, :conditions => ["title LIKE ?", "%#{search_term}%"])   end

And in the view I have this: <% form_tag :action => 'searchresults' do %> <%= text_field_tag :search %> <%= submit_tag "Search" %> <% end %>

Most terms, even single letters return the expected results. However, it seems that whenever the search term contains the letters F or C, no results are returned. There may be other letters that do the same, but these are the only ones I've found so far. Any ideas to why this is happening, or how can be fixed?

Many thanks in advance. -Mike

What does the resulting SQL look like in your log?

I am so dumb... Of course, if there are now titles with the letter C there are no results.

I forgot to change :conditions => ["title LIKE ?", "%#{search_term} %"])

:conditions => ["post_body LIKE ? OR title LIKE ?", "%#{search_term} %", "%#{search_term}%"]

Sometimes the answer is too obvious.