Little routing question

Sorry if I am being dumb here but I am trying to route with this url '/media/avatars/1/5or6.png' to the media controller with the avatars action

I tried this:

map.connect 'media/avatars/:user_id/:filename', :controller => 'media', :action => 'avatars'

in my routes.rb file but I'm still getting (No route matches "/media/avatars/1/5or6.png" with {:method=>:get})

Any pointers would be appreciated

Ok it's answer my own question time. What I needed was

   map.connect 'media/avatars/:id/:filename',
     :controller => 'media',
     :action => 'avatars',
     :requirements => {
       :id => /\d+/,
       :filename => /\S+\.\S+/

Works fine now.