Listing and Updating Plugins

Hi all,

Project I'm working on has a number of plugins, particularly several
from github.

Want to be able to

1) List all the plugins and where they come from
2) Update all/some of the plugins

Now using Rails 2.1 and script/plugin install, but this seems to be a
backwards step compared to using git submodules as far as the above 2
issues are concerned.

Failed to google a solution, anyone have any ideas

Thanks in advance


It has Rails plugins, too.


Rob Biedenharn

Sorry how does this help me list the gems in my project or update

All best


Well, it wasn't clear that you meant "for plugins in my project". It seems like something like `ls vendor/plugins` would be a good start. Perhaps followed up with some MANIFEST convention (which clearly does not currently exist).

Sorry for being to terse.

I am aware of ls but that doesn't tell me where my plugins have come
from or allow me to update them. Plugins from Github could be from
many sources. When using submodules with git the host repository
information is stored by Git, so you can update easily and check which
version of a particular plugin you are using. I find it hard to
believe you can't do the same when using script/plugin to install from
Git repos, but maybe this is the case.