Linkt_to problems

I can't explain where those differences come from.

In one Project I can use the link_to without any problems.
Like this:
<%= link_to "LINKNAME", :action => "destroy", :id => ID %>

But in another project... That happens

<%= link_to "delete", :action => "destroy", :id => %>
<%= link_to "edit", :action => "edit", :id => %>

and that creates a link to -> http://localhost:3000/tickets/2
                           -> http://localhost:3000/tickets/2/edit

What i want is -> http://localhost:3000/tickets/destroy/2
               -> http://localhost:3000/tickets/edit/2

Slight but important difference.

Can somebody tell me, where I have to configure this?

Thanks a lot!!!

use the :method=> qualifier.

Mukund wrote:

use the :method=> qualifier.

I tried that, but it gives me this:

Did I do something wrong?