link_to vs button to and CR

I have in my application.rhtml a series of links that can help navigate the application.

When I link_to I get the links on one horizontal line.

When I button_to I get a carriage return after each button.

link_to: <jobs> <inventories> <species>


<jobs> <inventories> <species>

is there a way to control this behavior or a work around?


That helper creates a FORM with a DIV inside, which are block-level elements. You may control that a bit with CSS, with something like this:

   <div id="buttons">      <jobs>      ...    </div>

and then something like this:

   #buttons form, #buttons div { display: inline }

This is all untested, but you see how it goes.

-- fxn

Can you show me how? I'm really new...

Once you got the buttons wrapped in the DIV throw

   #buttons form, #buttons div {        display: inline    }

into stylesheets/application.css for instance, and load the stylesheet in the layout:

   <%= stylesheet_link_tag "application.css" %>

Once said that, take into account that to let the user navigate to other pages you normally use links.

-- fxn