link_to 'Frob', '/thang/frob', :remote => true


I have finally gotten back to Rails, and I'm having the usual "a
little bit too flexible for your own good" problems.

Specifically, the above in my Haml renders this:

<a href="/thang/frob" data-remote="true">Frob</a>

I need href='#' and an Ajax call.

What did I do wrong? (Besides, ahem, attempt to read the fine manual?)

I have to use Rails 3.0.8, BTW...

<a href="/thang/frob" data-remote="true">Frob</a>

Aaand that's the correct output, because the JS changed to DRY up the
onclick handlers into rails.js:

  document.on("click", "a[data-remote]", function(event, element) {
    if (event.stopped) return;